Thursday, 18 September 2014

A Parents Total Nightmare - Bullying!

The past week I've been a total mess my worse nightmare came to life. Honestly I didn't think I would have to deal with this in junior school though. You know when you have a gut feeling about something which you just can't out your finger on . I had a feeling something was going on with R last term. He went from the type of boy that was up, dressed and excited for school to one that left getting dressed till the last minute, dragging his feet and looking really sad on the way till school. Summer holidays he picked up, but began to start to sleep walk or waking up upset on the nights. I put it down to him moving up to juniors as he doesn't cope with changes very well and its a huge change from infants to juniors. Even his tea her last term saw a huge change in him, but again she put it down to moving up.

Last weekend something happened when he went to his cousins and he come back upset and said no one will listen to him. I knew something then was up. Other half  talked to him and a boy below in school has been swearing, kicking him, fighting him and being mean to him in general. He said to R if he told anyone he would smash our windows beat his up. R  said he's tried to tell the teachers but they shhhhhh him or the other boy gets to them before him and he ends up in trouble. He said he felt scared and a bit embarrassed and he didn't want to tell anyone. I ask him everyday if his had a good day or anyone has been bothering him and he wouldn't ever tell me at all. I'm so glad he opened up so we can nip this in the bud now an dim hoping the sleepwalking will die down now he is worrying anymore.

The school have put plan in to place and we go back and see if everything is running smoothly back in school. He has seemed calmer and happier last week as his little sister started nursery at his school and they both walked together hand in hand.

I really hope this is the end of it now and he gets on OK and makes lots of new friends in the juniors.



  1. Aww! Your poor boy! I'm so glad the school have taken action straight away!
    Good luck and I hope it is the end of it x

    1. Thank you its heartbreaking, he seems a bit better now so I hope he goes back to his former self.