Tuesday, 30 September 2014

100 Years Of Magic Disney

I think everyone has a Disney memory firmly placed in their hearts don't they and also a favourite or few characters. I remember growing up being totally fascinated with The Little Mermaid, it was such a magical loving story. I've always had a soft spot for Ariel she is my favourite Disney character ever. My sister on the other hand was totally obsessed with Mickey Mouse we had two VHS tapes they would be played one after the other all day. She loved anything to do with Mickey Mouse and she would sit for hours watching it. I've loved my kids growing up with Disney plus its also great to have an excuse to have a duvet day watching movie a with them. I've always thought you cant go wrong with a classic Disney film can you really, they are the perfect family films. Disney brings stories to life and makes them so magical, that you are sucked in from the start. 

My sons first obsession was Disney cars, I think he had everything he could possibly own with cheeky chappy lighting McQueen on. Plus he actually burnt the DVD out so we had to replace it again. My daughter has also gone though the The Little Mermaid stage, along with the new favourite Frozen. I'm still randomly signing let it go while I'm doing the housework. She is a huge Disney princess fan, here she is with her collection of plush dolls.

This year Disney on ice is kicking off a magical show to celebrate 100 years of magic starting in Glasgow on 26th September the show will tour the country before it's grand finale at the London 02 over the Christmas period. Choreographed by an Emmy Award winner and a set designer from numerous Broadway productions the show is not something families want to miss out on.

Mickey and Minnie take you on a magical adventure with characters from shows such as The Lion King, Finding Nemo, The Incredibles and Toy Story, appearing alongside the soundtrack to some the classic Disney tunes- from The Circle of Life to A whole new world this show has it all. 

Join the celebration as 65 of Disney's unforgettable characters from 18 beloved stories come to life in Disney On Ice celebrates 100 Years of Magic! You'll be captivated by the one and only Mickey Mouse, the irresistible Minnie Mouse, Goofy, Donald Duck, Jiminy Cricket, Pinocchio and all the Disney Princesses. Be thrilled by exciting moments from The Lion King; Mulan; and Disney/Pixar's Finding Nemo, The Incredibles, and Toy Story films in a skating spectacular filled with magical Disney moments you'll remember forever as Disney On Ice celebrates 100 Years of Magic!

Disney On Ice Celebrates 100 Years of Magic eye-opening facts and 

Hours it takes to set up the production – 10 -14
Hours it takes to tear down the production – 3 – 4
Full time crew members who travel with the production – 5
Number of countries represented by the cast - 10
Number of male performers in the production – 23
Number of female performers in the production – 24
Number of yards of fabric used to make the costumes – 1,300
Number of costumes in the show – 160
Number of different paint colours used on the props – 102
Weight of set – 8 tons

100 years of magic Disney on ice review coming soon!

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