Monday, 11 August 2014

Week 3 Of The Summer Holidays.

Erm ok so how did that happen! I can't believe how super quick it going it seems so much to do so little time.

Day 1 - We took a trip to Dudley zoo. It was a very tiring but busy day. The rain held off and in all it was a great day. We saw lots of animals and there was lots to do.

Day 2 - Today we made ice cream cone cupcakes which was amazing! We caught up on some homework and reading with Raiden. Plus we had a room tidy for our mini makeover.

Day 3- It was fun and games at Cadbury world, I won tickets on a twitter competition last week. We don't live far so it was great to go and the kids really enjoyed themselves. We enjoyed learning how chocolate was made and sampling it too.

Day 4 - Its Magic snow day, the kids love this stuff its amazing. You pour water and it expands to real snow. We also made Lego 3D figures with a template from the Twinkl website.

Day 5 - Today we planted a seed and decided to grow some cress, that's one thing ticked off our bucket list. We have lots more to do on our list.

Day 6/7 - We have all had a a chill out weekend due to being so busy in the week. Lexie made some cornflake crispy cakes at her aunties Sunday. Lexie slept at her aunties and Raiden slept at nannies as me and the OH went to a friends 10 year anniversary party.


  1. Wow what a busy week! No wonder the summer holidays are flying by for you! :) Those ice cream cone cupcakes look amazing! Sounds like you are having so much fun and making the most of every minute of the holidays together, lovely to read, thanks so much for linking with #letkidsbekids

  2. Goodness, you certainly packed a lot into your week! I especially love the look of Cadburys world and those ice cream cone cupcakes look awesome! You certainly haven't been boring this Summer! Great times and happy memories #letkidsbekids