Tuesday, 5 August 2014

Week 2 Of The Summer Holidays

I can't believe two weeks has past us already its going so fast! We have managed to tick some things off our bucket list but we still have a heap to do!

Day One - We had a chill/tidy up day. Then we made this cute piggy bank out of a fabric conditioner bottle.

Day Two - We went bowling as I got a Groupon deal a while back the kids had fun then we popped to the park on the way back.

Day Three - Dad took the kids to there cousins and I stayed at home and caught up on blogging work. I printed a huge amount of colouring sheets off for the kids for when they came back.

Day Four - We went to a different soft play area, when the kids let off some stream and had a run around.

Day Five - Was a WiiU and DVD sort of day. The kids had a play around there cousins again. They have a huge trampoline that the kids love.

Day Six - We made Hama beads & Jelly

Day Seven -


  1. What a varied week! Inside, outside, creative, active, passive...it's all there!

  2. Lots of fun this week. I like that pink piggy!
    Thanks for linking #LetKidsBeKids