Friday, 22 August 2014

Stink Bugz from Character Review

When I first agreed for us to review these. I actually thought it would be more of a scratch and sniff type of smell, but they actually smell quite vile when shoved in your face. the one really has turned my tummy. The lids have been left open a few times and the room hasn't been stunk out by the smells, but up close and personal they are quite awful. Raiden loves anything that has the gross factor and I'm still being woken up to The ugglys pug farting.

The Invasion of the Super Stinky Bugzzz! From the polluted sewers of the filthy city to the rancid pits of rotting trash dumps come… Stink Bugzzz!

 We received 3 Stink Bugz and the Parasite Pack to review.

There is 4 bugs to collect and the bugs come in a plastic tub which you screw the lid on and off. You squeeze the bug and the bum blasts out a smell. Raiden actually took these out with him when he went for lunch with his nan and thought it was high amusing to squeeze them on the bus. Poor nanny haha

Swampty Skeeter smells like swamp water.

Trashy Turdmite smells like a garbage heap.

Skunk Mantis smells like a skunk.

Muck maggot smells like rotten fish.

RRP £4.99 Each

The parasite pack comes with a master blaster which you attach the parasites and it blows the smell out. The set features 4 stinky parasites, including one mystery parasite with a secret scent.

RRP - £9.99

Raiden has enjoyed running around after his little sister, shouting you farted smell it. Much to Lexie's delight! These really do stink really bad. Perfect for boys or girls that love anything gruesome. The bugs are quite cool in detail I loved the cartoon effect of them.

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