Thursday, 7 August 2014

My Top Sensory Play Activities Under £2

Now we are firmly into the summer holidays. I have come across a lot of parents that are staying the kids holidays cost too much to keep them entertained. I personally think that you don't have to spend a lot to keep them busy. There is so much to do that cost under £2.

1 - Magic Water Beads, soak them overnight and there you go a fun filled activity. They cost me 99p from eBay.

2- Shaving Foam Paints - Asda value is 29p a can I add a bit of food colouring ( or a spot of paint). For shaving foam paint. Great for in the bath or even outside.

3- Chalk Drawing - let them draw outside then when it rains it will magically disappear. I picked up some chalks from the pound shop.

4- Cornflour - 79p a box and watch it turn into gloop when you touch it.

5 - Water play - Fill up some toy containers add some figures, glitter and food colouring for different effect water play.

6 - Junk modelling - you can make so much things with stuff you will normally throw away. Keep a load of containers in a bag. Then let the kids imagination run wild and make something new. Great for recycling too.

7 - Saltdough - Mix Flour (49p) , Salt (39p) and water. Great dough for keeping kids busy. Add colour, sparkles and glitter for different effect.

8- Instant Snow - Great for any frozen fans, add water and watch it expand to snow. £1.99 from Ebay.

9- Zippy Paint Bags - Pop blobs of paint into a zip folder bag and let children, draw pictures and shapes with there fingers.

10 - Pasta Jewellery - Mix different value range shape pastas in to separate bowls and mix in food colouring. Leave overnight then empty on to paper towels. Once dry you can thread on string to make jewellery.

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  1. One of the most appealing features of water beads is that they feel so cool to the touch. Little kids love to run their fingers through them as do adults if they were to be totally honest.