Friday, 29 August 2014

ModelAiR Bright Colours Modelling Material Review

We was very excited when we was asked to pick something off the Viking website to review. Viking is a global company and is one of the largest suppliers of office stationery and office products in the world. Picking something was a huge task as the website is huge. There is so much choice on the site from Inks and toners, furniture, office supplies, cleaning and catering and technology. The site Is pretty easy to use with different categories.

We picked the ModelAiR Bright Colours Modelling MaterialWith the weather changing very drastically this week, its a perfect activity for a rainy day. 

The modelling material comes in four colours Yellow, White, Red & Blue. It is foil wrapped individually and its so soft and fluffy. The ModelAir is very easy to use and to model different things, you can mix it to make different colours and both the children really enjoyed the sensory experience of the material.

The kids have made, ponies, snowmen, snails, egg & chips and multicoloured babies.

Non-toxic and safe for children, you can wrap it in cling film in it's air tight tub and it stays fresh.

RRP -£15.49


  1. Aw they made such cute models. I love the ponies. This looks like a lot of fun x

  2. That looks great fun, I didn't know that you could get multi coloured air-drying clay. Great work and I bet they really enjoyed it?

    Nipping over from #letkidsbekids

  3. We've not tried proper clay before, it looks great fun. I love the snail.
    Thanks for linking #LetKidsBeKids