Monday, 18 August 2014

Matt Hatter Chronicles Minotaur Super Villian Toy Review

Matt Hatter is a popular CITV series which will return to our screens this September with a brand new series.

Matt Hatter is the hero who defends the Multiverse from Lord Tenoroc and the villians he frequently releases. Battling with the most fearsome super villians Minotaur, Mummy, Redbeard, Prowler, Captain Lightning and Doc Fossil. He wields the Chronicles, a book which contains all the recently 'booked' villians. He has a backpack and Multi-Vision specks which help him spot Spadder-traps which Tenoroc set. Is matt hatter indestructible or can a super villain defeat him?

We got sent the Minotaur super villain to test and review from Simba. 

The action figure is about 5" high very sturdy and have movable arms, head and legs.

 The paint work and very detailed my son liked the detail on the amour. 

The Minotaur has a staff and you can take it in and out his hand.

Each Super Villain includes a collectible interactive radio frequency Life Cell, compatible with other toys in the range including the Cell Blaster and Chronicles Villain Vault. Overall a great figure to complement the series. My daughter has taken a shine to him too. I came back to find this.

There are 16 to collect.

RRP £7.99

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  1. Love this figure! Thanks for the review :) x