Saturday, 30 August 2014

Look In My Letterbox

Hi guys, I've had a really slow week this week. Had hardly anything then bamn, Friday I had like 7 parcels delivered it was little Christmas again.


This gorgeous cutey bracelet from JustRachBlog over on twitter.


Two frozen nighties, I know I showed you a blue one a few weeks ago. I went ahead and brought another two in light pink and dark pink in a larger size for the winter. Lexie hates pjs and onesies so I thought this was the better option. These have cost me £3.70 each from ebay.

Zelda wind-walker WiiU is the other half's Christmas present. We already have a WiiU but we needed a limited edition one too, men and their toys. I got this from Amazon for £229.

A little stocking  filler of a crystal growing tree from amazon for £1.49 , which was an add on item.

Spongebob game which I managed to pick up from ebay for £3.99, as both the kids have got 2Ds for Christmas so I'm trying to find cheap games for them.

Review items.

This week has been busy for review items, even my postman commented on the slow parcels this week. Hehe

Some lovely new bath items from Tesco beauty.

A little tikes learning pad from Asda

The flying bath book by Julia Donaldson

A bundle of Equip+ goodies

A gorgeous candle from the country candle company

Alice Megan

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  1. Aren't men funny, complain about what we buy but it's never the same when they want something!
    You'll have to let me know what you think of the equip shower cap I'm really intrigued by it

    Thanks for linking up with #LIML