Friday, 1 August 2014

Look In My Letterbox

I  blink and its back again. I'm quite organised and do the photos as they come though the week. I can't believe its Saturday again. So here has been my post filled week. I've had a lot though again.


A razor from Wilkson sword

A full sized shampoo and conditioner from supersavvyme

Review items

Beauty Items from The Hut


Some pjs from asda they was £6 each.

A bargain pair of new sandals for £7 off ebay.

I've started on the kids Christmas presents so far they have a 2Ds each. Lexie has a barbie car and a barbie with different outfits. I managed to pick up the packs of 6 dolls for £30.

Seven BarryM polishes which was a mere £1.39 each. I'm putting a few of these up for a Blog competition so stay tuned for that.


Some BarryM glosses from shopcade.

Benefit sample can't wait to try this out.

A very sparkly postal bag. This will come in handy as I've just added a load of old items to ebay to sell.

Alice Megan


  1. Phew, feel much better that someone else has started their christmas shopping this week - I was questioning my sanity there for a minute!!!!!!