Thursday, 21 August 2014

Just a Few Of My Favourite Films

Anyone else hate the favourite film part when you are filling out a get to know you form? How can anyone just pick one film, I have a dozen I could put down.

My tastes haven't really changed over the years and I had pretty cool parents that let me watch anything I wanted. I used to watch horror films with my mom when I was younger. Which went on to me reading Stephen King books when I was 13. I'm really a hermit in my older ages no raving till 6am anymore. Truth is i would rather be at home watching a movie. I'm such a bore!

I am a horror geek, more blood and guts the better! I do love a slasher film, although a lot now is the same old, same old. Ghost films have recently started to freak me out a bit. I'm not sure if its my son appearing at the bottom of my bed sleepwalking or there is some truth in these films. I have always been a firm believer of there being paranormal. I do generally pick a horror over anything else but when I was trying to think of my top films I was surprised in what I chose.

I was going to do my top 5 but I couldn't pick just five, so I've made it 10. All these films I have watched over and over again and always will put them on if they appear on TV. I do love some of the old classics that just remind me so much of my childhood, where it was care free without any headaches.

1. Splash - This film made my childhood. I really wanted to be a mermaid growing up. I still am a tad mermaid obsessed.

2- Gremlins - Who didn't love Gizmo and want him as a pet, he was utterly cute.

3- Dirty Dancing - What girl doesn't love a sing along?

4- Saw - Got to admit the first one was amazing, something fresh and new! Loved the whole collection but number 1 will always be the favourite.

5- Mannequin - Another growing up classic, this film never gets boring.

6 - Beetlejuice - I recently watched this with my son and he was amazed with it.

7- The Goonies - Hey you guysssss!!! The film always cheers me up, it reminds me of playing Goonies when I was younger always trying to find the treasure.

8 - A Nightmare On Elm Street - One, two Freddy's coming for you!

9 - Drop Dead Fred - The late Rik Mayall was fantastic in this. It was the most funniest film ever.

10- Edward Scissorhands - This film always makes me cry, the story line is magical. I'm a huge fan of Tim Burton I think he is amazing film director.

I could of gone and on, with my list there is some amazing films I love out there. So many old classics especially the 80s it was great for films.

Anyone want to share there favourite films??


  1. Great choices! I love all of them apart from Saw! Far too gory for me....I am a wimp. lol