Tuesday, 5 August 2014

How To Keep Little Ones Cool In The Summer

Got to admit, the kids room is pretty cool. Even though the windows have locks on I still get worried about leaving them open. We have blackout curtains which keep it a bit cooler in the mornings.

Here are my 5 tips to keep kids cool this summer.

1. Sleeping in underwear or thin cotton nightclothes. Both of mine like to wear something to bed. Lexie loves to sleep in her princess dresses which can get super hot in the summer. So I've dug out her thin cotton nightdresses.

2. A frozen bottle of water. I've been putting a bottle just under the sheet in there beds to keep them cooler in the night.

3. As my son suffers with Hayfever, we have put an air purifier in the bedroom. Its great how it solves the stuffy air in there bedroom on the night. Even though its only small its quite powerful.

4. Much to my children's delight as they seem to take the covers off the duvets every morning. I've just given them the duvet covers to sleep with instead of the duvets.

5. A small cool drink before bed. Instead of the usual hot choclate we have had chocolate milkshake straight from the fridge instead. Perfect way to cool down before bed.

Check out this cool mattress from littlemattresscompany.co.uk which has a range of specialist mattresses for children and babies. There is one called purobaby and one called coolbaby which can help to keep children cool and dry in their sleep.

PuroKids Deluxe Memory Foam Mattress features a deep layer of memory foam offering supreme comfort and support for your sleeping child. This sits upon a highly resilient and hypoallergenic foam base. This 20cm deep mattress is then encased in an Outlast® cover which is made using NASA fabric technology for temperature regulation all night long. This cover also has a Purotex antibacterial treatment applied to it for a healthier sleep surface. The cover is zipped for easy removal and machine washing at 40 degrees.

The Outlast® cover features advanced sleep technology fabric originally developed for NASA astronauts to control temperature fluctuations during space flight. This unique fabric will draw heat away when your child's body temperature rises, store it, and then release it when their body temperature begins to cool, keeping them not too hot, not too cold, but just right all night long. The added benefit of a Purotex antibacterial treatment makes this deluxe mattress the ultimate solution for a refreshing sleep environment .

Now all I have to do is keep myself cool, check out this beautiful La Louvier Wooden Sleigh Bed, just think of the lovely cool night sleep I would get on there.