Tuesday, 26 August 2014

Everything Is Awesome - #LegoMovieParty

We was one of the lucky 150 people that got picked to host a Lego Movie Party. Perfect for the summer holidays as a get together with Friends.

In the party pack was :

Lego Movie Bunting
Lego Movie Masks
Lego Movie Notepads
Lego Movie CD
Little boppers CD
Lego Movie Planner
Lego Movie Emmets Construct -O- Mech Set

If you had read our blog post earlier in the week, you will see we made Lego crayons. I printed off some Lego Movie colouring sheets for the children to colour in with the crayons.

We made some simple fairy cakes with chocolate frosting with rolled icing lego bricks. I used a mould for them and let them set in the freezer before popping them out.

We got our huge box of Lego down for the children to be create while they took it in pairs to build the Lego Movie Emmets Construct -O- Mech Set. The kids did get in a but of muddle so dad had to finish it off.

Overall a fantastic afternoon with the kids, we managed to rent the movie off Virgin Media for the kids to watch.

Everything Is awesome, thanks Lego & Come Round.


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