Saturday, 23 August 2014

Draw Your Dream Home.

When it come to imagination, Raiden is great at drawing ideas down. If you asked him to write a piece then he really wouldn't. He loves to draw and always comes up with beautiful pictures.

We got sent a lovely craft pack so Raiden could draw his dream home.

I will start off at the bottom where the orange part is warm like lava squidgy floor. Its not that hot so you can't walk on it though. The ladders have a slide attached to them so you can go from the bedroom to the ground floor. 

The bottom room has stripy lick able wallpaper that tastes like sweets which never runs out of taste.

The top blue glittery square is a lava lamp wall, so the bedroom is never dark. This room has a climbing wall for fun, and is covered in plastic balks like a huge ball pit.

The next room has a truck bed, which has lots of room for sleeping. The headlights are water taps so if you are thirsty in the night you can get a drink.

'in association with Principality Building Society

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