Wednesday, 13 August 2014

Dermalex Rosacea Cream Review.

I've had trouble with my skin since I was in my teens, its got better since I've stopped using such a heavy perfumed face wash, but considering I'm in my 30's I wouldn't expect still to be suffering with bad skin. I was offered to review the Dermalex Rosacea cream, so I thought I would give it a go.

Rosacea can be found in people of all skin types, ages and sexes.  It is a common misconception that Rosacea is mostly found in the more mature woman.  The hormone changes in teens can cause Rosaea to appear whereas men can suffer with the skin condition when they expose their skin to its major triggers. The common signs of Rosacea include facial flushing, persistent redness, dilated blood vessels and Lymphodema.

Sunlight can play a major factor in triggering Rosacea.  Frequent exposure to any extreme element is reported as one of the most common causes and it is suggested that when entering such conditions, a Rosacea sufferer prepares their skin.

Managing stress levels is crucial to maintaining healthy skin.  Taking time to relax, exercise and partake in therapies such as yoga can keep Rosacea at bay and avoid any substantial redness that can occur.  Along with caffeine, alcohol is outlined as one of the major triggers of Rosacea. This can vary from person to person.  Therefore, cutting down on your alcohol intake can work as a great experiment to determine if it is a trigger for you.

The Dermalex Rosacea cream you use day and night after you have washed your face. Apply a small layer and leave to soak in. The cream is a greeny colour and the smell take some time getting used to at first.

 I have been using the cream for around ten days now and I can see a little difference the redness has got slightly better and my skin doesn't feel tight and greasy anymore. I can't wait to see the other effects in a few weeks, will update soon.

RRP - £18.99 Comes In A 30g Tube.

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