Tuesday, 26 August 2014

Ben and Holly Magical Playground Playsets Review.

Lexie was thrilled to be picked to review the new Ben and Holly Magical Playground Play sets from Character. She is a massive Ben & Holly fan and we already have books, backpacks, plush toys and a host of other Ben & Holly items.

There are three magical adventure play
sets and they connect together to form a playground for Ben & Holly to play in, each with a different piece of playground equipment.

We received the slide playset and the swing playset  to test and review.
All three play sets all come with a figure of holly included. This is a bonus as the swing set really needs two figures to swing, its a shame that each pack doesn't come with a different Character to play with. So you don't end up with the same ones.

Lexie enjoying taking Holly for a swing as it does swing to and fro, the detail on the sets is very Ben & Holly and Lexie enjoyed taking the slide set into the bath so when Holly slides she falls in to the bathtub. The play sets are sturdy and are thick plastic the sets connect by a clip in function which are easy to get on and off.

After receiving the set I think they are add on's for the Ben & Holly Thistle Castle Play set, to extend the castle.

RRP - £9.99 Each 

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