Tuesday, 5 August 2014

A Mini Makeover with Aldi

So as we venture in to the third week of the holidays, this is what the kids bedroom looks like. I really can't understand why its such a mess as they only seem to play in here when they should be sleeping in bed. Another thing I find them doing is getting into the pillowcases to have a race or pulling the sheets off the bed to make a den. When Aldi contacted me to review a few bedroom items, I knew the kids room could do with a mini makeover.

Something simple like changing a duvet cover can really transform a bedroom and make it fun again. We received a duvet cover each for the kids, one hello kitty & the other Spider-Man. The kids got there old duvet covers last year so they was both due an update. I find duvet covers very expensive normally so I can shocked to find out Aldi are selling these at £9.99 in selected stores. 

Both of the kids was thrilled with the new covers and was very eager to tidy and transform the room. On the pillowcase was a small plastic zip which is on the bigger side so it opens and shuts and the pillow can't be pulled out. It hasn't got a pull on so little feet can't get caught on it too. So far the covers have stayed on hooray! The duvet cover is the same and hasn't got any poppers on so they aren't easy to pull off.

We also received two Children’s Snuggle Cushions, which are £3.99 each. One was a frog and the other a rabbit, they are small but super soft perfect for little heads. They also have a Velcro bit to attach together for transporting. perfect for car journeys and holidays for comfort and a little part of home.

 I'm amazed how different the kids how enjoyed the new items and my son has made his bed everyday so far. What a fantastic change.

I popped in to Aldi this week and picked up these classic books for £1.99 which I'm saving for my daughters Christmas box as she is princess mad! These are big good quality hardback books. A steal at the price.

Check out the other fantastic items to transform your children's bedrooms. Just a few new items can make a bedroom a fun environment and help keep them to respect their rooms.

Small Three-Drawer Tower - £4.99, Chindi Rug - £6.99, Large Three-Drawer Tower - £12.99, Alarm Clock with Silicone - £7.99.

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  1. Love them cushions what a bargin the pillow pet ones are loads more! Aldis great!

  2. Great Spiderman duver, my son would love that! We like Ikea storage, lots of boxes to keep 'stuff' in lol. Thanks for linking up with #TriedTested