Sunday, 13 July 2014

The Uggly's Rudey The Pug From Character

Ok so what child doesn't like a toy that makes funny inappropriate sounds? Character have brought out an electronic puppet pet that comes to life in your hands.

The uggly comes in three designs Rudey the pug, Barf the St Bernard and Belcher the Dalmatian. We received Rudey the pug to test out and review.

The packaging is rather quirky it comes with a kennel type print and the head sticking out which I thought was pretty cool.  

The toy is actually a puppet which you stick your hand In to make different actions. 

The head is really squishy so you can make funny faces. You open the mouth to burp and close the mouth tight to make it trump. As you can imagine the kids think this is hilarious. 

On the collar is a silver dial which you can change the pitch of the sounds Rudey makes. There is also a little fly button that makes a buzzing fly sound.

Both kids loved the toy and what isn't there to love. He is covered in snot, trumps and burps which has the kids in fits of laughter.

RRP -£29.99

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