Sunday, 20 July 2014

Sunrise Senior Living

As each year passes and I watch my kids grow up in a blink of an eye. I'm am starting to worry about getting older and being alone. It really scares me, as family have such busy lives and I do wonder if they will make time for me.

The Sunrise Story 

Back in 1981 that the very first Sunrise opened its doors. Founded by Paul and Terry Klaassen, it was their vision to create a place that championed the quality of life for seniors in a homelike, person-centred setting.

Inspiration from Holland

Paul grew up in the Netherlands, where his experience of care for the elderly was very different. In Holland, care settings - known as "verzorgingstehuizen” - were warm, welcoming and very homelike. Paul saw at first hand how his own grandparents and other residents enjoyed assisted living: the independence and dignity of doing all the things they had done unassisted throughout their lives, such as shopping, cooking or the laundry, but with the added reassurance of help on hand if they needed it.

Not surprisingly, Paul and Terry decided to set up a care home based on the Dutch principles that had served Paul’s grandparents so well.

Three decades on, this vision is still at the heart of more than 300 Sunrise communities in the UK, USA and Canada.

Sunrise welcome pets in to there care homes which I think is a fanatic idea. The physical benefits of keeping residents active and for them to have someone to share and interact with is really great to keep them upbeat and sociable. The transition from home to a residential home can have such an effect. Somewhere where you have lived for years  to something new is a very big scary change it would be much easier if your well-loved furry companions came too.

Check out this infographic below with all the positive factors of having a companion as a pet in a care home. 

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