Thursday, 3 July 2014

Summer Shoes With Clarks Shoes.

Currently both kids have clumpy high-tops as their main shoes. As the weather is warming up we wanted some lightweight, comfortable but supporting shoes. Clarks sent us a voucher to explore there summer range.

We was seen straight away after walking in the store. Clarks have this very new up tech way of now measuring feet with iPads! Yes iPads eeeekkk!

The new Clarks system comprises of three parts. There's a stand for measuring length, the iPad in a custom case and finally a clever digi-tape gauge for measuring around the foot to get the correct width.

The iPad is used to start the process with a custom app where you can select a character to take you through the process, it's then inserted into the stand, so that when the sliders are positioned to read the foot length, it's the iPad underneath that's the scale, and records the measurement at the push of the central silver button. Then pops up the final shoe size.

I totally kicked myself after finding my phone in my bag and it was dead, both kids enjoyed this experience I think its fantastic to keep kids entertained. When we got home Lexie asked where the bit to measure her feet was haha

Lexie picked the Orra Noon sandals which are white sandals with a silver glitter bow. 

The sandals fasten at the ankle with a strap and bow part adjust over the foot with Velcro which makes them easier to get on and off. 

The pretty style of the t-bar is great for the summer to keep her feet cool and comfy.

RRP - £30

Raiden picked the happy chap jnr, he has been a fan of the doodles range for around five years now. He loves how easy they are to get on and off. My only bugbear is they only come in red or blue, so there is only ever two choices to pick from. 

The shoe is more of a classic pump, they are pretty plain canvas but they go with anything shorts, jeans or trousers which is always great. The Velcro straps make they easy to get on and over and they are really lightweight too.

RRP - £22

* We received a £40 voucher for our honest review*

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