Friday, 4 July 2014

Summer Bucket List 2014

So the summer holidays are fast approaching and we decided to write 30 things to do in the summer holidays to keep us busy and entertained. What ever the weather with will always have something to do.

Go the the zoo
Picnic in the park
Go camping
Roll down a hill
Make a Daisy chain
Make slime
Cornflower play
Ice play melting
Plant a seed
Feed the ducks
Stone painting
Make lemonade
Go strawberry picking
Go to the library
Make your own dinner
Chalk pictures outside
Go fishing
Go to a kids festival
PJ movie day
Make a craft with something you found outside.
Jump in a puddle
Make a fairy jar
Make frozen Playdough
Draw a picture from a day out
Make our own crayons
Take pictures with a disposable camera
Mini beast hunt
Go on a train
Make a sandcastle on the beach

Have you made any plans for the summer holidays yet???

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