Tuesday, 22 July 2014

Bissell Vac & Steam Review

On my want list for a while has been a steam mop, even though I'm a avid bleach and mop person, sometimes I do just want the simple things in life. The TV advents always make the steam mop look simple and easy to use don't they. I was thrilled when Bissell got in touch to review the Vac & Steam  its like my wish had come true.

I do generally use my Hoover to go over the hard floors in my kitchen and bathroom then I use the mop to clean, mainly everyday as with two kids you can imagine the mess they create.  So with the vac and steam I can do both of these things without stopping and swapping over, no plug swapping. No filling up the mop bucket and emptying it. How cool is that.

In the box was the cleaner, the head, a water cup, fragrance disks & two mop heads ( one soft and one more hard) it was really easy to assemble the instructions was clear to follow and it took me a few minutes to get it all together.

 After putting the cleaner and head together, I popped the fragrance disc in to the mesh mop head at the back. In future I think just cut and add half the disc as the smell from them after using the cleaner is very strong. Next we added the water and left to heat for 30 seconds. Once the water goes in there is no way of getting it back out, so its in there for the next time.

Once warm you press either the hi/low setting, this depends on if you just want a quick clean or a good tough clean. The steam mop uses 100% chemical free steam to kill 99.9% of germs and bacteria* to ensure your floors are left hygienically clean and sparkling. I've been using the normal soft mop head for just day to day clean then the other more rougher mop head for the hi setting.

The cleaner is very light to use I love how I've been able to vacuum the floors then mop straight away its really a good time saver to have. My other bug bear is that it only vacuums forwards, it didn't seem to pick up anything when going backwards.  The vacuum has an easy empty dirt bin and has been great to empty and stick back in again for the next time. 

The mop heads are machine washable and I've pegged them on the line and its been dry within a few hours with the heat we have been having.

This was the mop after I had used it once on the kitchen and bathroom. Considering I mop most days I was really shocked how filthy the mop pad was after just one use. So my clean floors wasn't that clean after all.

RRP - £99.97

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  1. Oh I love that you can vacuum and mop with just one product! Thanks for linking up with #TriedTested