Sunday, 27 July 2014

Malory Band Review

If you have been following my weight loss journey you will know I will try anything once. Malory band got in contact with me to test and review their band to help me along on my Journey.

Malory Band is a safe, natural and non-invasive psychological aid for losing weight and improving posture.

Inspired by a centuries-old technique, a Malory Band is a narrow, adjustable cord that is worn around the waist. It feels tighter as you eat, keeping you conscious of the quantity of food that you consume. It acts as a psychological alarm bell to your conscious mind, warning you not to over-eat.

I always sceptical about these types of things, its not something that is going to make you slim overnight. Its more of a physical guideline for yourself. I think sometimes a physical reminder can help you think do I really need that. They can help to better your choices of healthier eating and support you on exercise or just make you think that tiny bit outside the box.

The Malory band is simple to use, you just tie it around your waist so its comfortable. Remember when you sit down it will go a bit tighter too. You just loop the silver bit in to one of the holes and it will sit there and stay. 

The band at first was really itchy and uncomfortable  but after a few days I got used to it and after you sit straight for a while its not half as bad either.  I've only been using the band for a week so I'm excited to see the results in a few weeks and the effects it has on my eating. Will update you all in a few weeks on my progress.

RRP £24.95 

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