Thursday, 31 July 2014

Go Create Eco Craft at Tesco - Summer Fun

I love to recycle when I can living in a flat sometimes its hard too.  I remember at the nurseries I worked out the kids loved to make something out of rubbish you would throw away. I do collect odd things and the kids have made various things out of old boxes and toilet tubes.

Tesco have brought out some go create eco craft packs that you use rubbish material to make something new. Great for keeping little ones entertained this summer. Come rain or shine, an afternoon of crafting with Go Create, is sure to captivate little ones imaginations and teach them the value of everyday products that might otherwise have been thrown away or recycled.

The collection offers a wide choice of crafty makes they a have lift off Rocket Bottle Jet Pack and galactic Snack Pot Robots. The cute Egg Box Bug Garden and Snack Pot Princess Desk Tidy.  With 16 packs to choose from there is something for everyone in the range.

We received a piggy bank pack which used a fabric conditioner bottle to make. The instructions was clear to read and he was able to follow them by using the pictures. First of all he coated the bottle with pink tissue paper. Added the pom-poms to the bottom of the bottle added the nail details then we made a hole for the coins to go in and glued the checked band around. Then we added the eyes and flowers. Next we painted the ears and added the curly tail. 

We forgot to keep the lid so we just covered the opening with tissue paper and popped the nose holes on. The piggy bank took about 15 minutes to make and he had a lot of fun making it. The craft was fuss and mess free.

My only bug bear was on the front it said you will need glue, then the back a fabric conditioner bottle and egg box. There was no mention of you needing pink paint which I thought was a bit misleading.

Overall they are something I would pick up if I saw them, I really like the look of the fish you make out of old CDs. The packs are £3.50 which I think is great budget wise if you like to have everything in order and a quick craft session.

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