Thursday, 24 July 2014

CyberClean Touch Screen Cleaner

Got to admit, I really don't clean my iPad screen that often. When I do I normally let a baby wipe nearly dry out and use that to quickly go over it. Which has got me thinking that is so grim and the amount of germs living on my well used iPad is pretty digusting. Especially with the kids sticky fingers and god knows what all over it.

CyberClean sent me their touch screen cleaner to test and share my thoughts. The cleaner is a little type pen that is refillable with the antiseptic cleaning solution. Which also comes with three refills. The cleaner is made for any type of tablet or smart phone to keep them germ free and looking brand new.

Its really simple to use, you spray then use the back to wipe it off like a windscreen wiper. Then your phone or tablet is ready to use again. 

The pen also doubles up as a stylus which I've found very handy to use on the iPad, its also helped the kids when they have been playing games too. There is a magnetic clip that attaches to the proper Apple flip cover which is really handy if you have that type of cover too.

The cleaner has been a really help and got my thinking about cleaning my iPad regular to keep it germ free.

Available in White or Black - RRP - £10.95

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