Sunday, 6 July 2014

Cars Are For Girls Too

Lexie loves cars, trains and everything that has wheels. She plays with Raiden's old diecast Disney cars that are around 4/5 years old. I'm so glad we decided to keep them as Lexie enjoys them just as much as he did.

I've been meaning to get a play tray for ages, we do a lot of messy play and I thought this will just be easier to keep it all contained plus it will be great for in the garden at summer for thinks like the ice melting that we have planned. The play tray cost £16.50 from Amazon and it has a list of possible uses.

This week we got some micro pore & my son made three roads on the play tray. Lexie has enjoyed pushing the cars up and down and bringing her figures & houses on to the tray to play. 

Something as simple as this has kept her entertained and we have been listening to Cd's instead of having the TV on. It helped her with counting as I'm trying to get her past the number 12 and spur her counting on.

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  1. Lovely idea to play with cars. Looks like a fun road and I agree, girls love playing with cars too.
    Thanks for linking #LetKidsbeKids