Wednesday, 30 July 2014

Beauty empties June/July

Only had one empty last month so I decided to roll it over to this month.

Lady Gaga perfume - This has been on of my favourite celeb perfumes for a while.

Baylis And Harding Steam Bath Foam - Can't fault this great smelling bath foam, loads of bubbles and leaves a refreshing feeling.

Lady Gaga Black Fluid Shower Gel - I was a bit put off at first with it being completely black but its a great smelling shower gel and lasts on your skin a long time.

Baylis And Harding Skin Spa Soap - Again a great smell and I've gone a bit crazy on soaps ATM. They feel better than a shower gel on your skin.

Carino Coconut Shampoo - I love the smell of coconuts and this was from aldi for a mere 79p. It's been great on my hair and lives it feeling great.

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