Wednesday, 18 June 2014

See-Saw by Garden Games Review

As we live in a flat we share a garden with another 5 people. Recently we have been tidying up the garden so with the nicer weather the kids can be entertained outside. The garden is pretty secure  so we have been trying to find some hard wearing outside equipment for them to play on. Something that doesn't have to be dragged in every time that they have finished playing.

We was thrilled to be sent a hard wearing solid pine wood See-Saw by Garden Games

First of all I got a few huffs and puffs off the delivery driver as the see-saw wouldn't actually fit up my stairs so he had to leave it outside. The see-saw came packaged really well. Once out the packing the instructions was clear and the see-saw was easy to assemble and took about 40 minutes to build with a normal screwdriver. A few of the holes had to be drilled in a bit more as they wasn't deep enough but apart from that it was easy to put up.

The see-saw is huge 3 meters long. The two seats at the edge each side are a good size, felt comfortable and the handles are really strong. 

The see-saw is a really sturdy piece of equipment and I can see it lasting the children for a lot of years to come. Its one of those toys that will grow with them. The wood is treated so it can stay outside and not be damaged in weather.

The seesaw is really good quality and a great high end piece of equipment and everyday the kids have been playing on it and brought so many smiles and squeals. The kids have enjoyed many hours playing on their new see-saw together.  My only bugbear is it could do with some sort of foam or something on the bottom of the seat so it if smacks on the floor there is a bit of cushion.

From ages 3+ RRP -£109.00

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