Friday, 6 June 2014

Rainbow & Clouds Set - Wall Stickers From

We have recently had to retouch up the kids room, due to Lexie being a bit felt tip friendly and drawing lots of lovely pictures all over the walls. We also brought some blackout curtains as its fully light at 5am the kids have been walking up mega early due to the light beaming though the curtains. So we have had a mini makeover and was very happy when asked us to review one of there wall stickers. are one of the leading suppliers of Vinyl Wall Stickers and Wall Art in the UK, delivering their high quality unique designs worldwide. They are a family run business based in Torquay, Devon. All their products are manufactured by them here in the UK using the latest technology/equipment and the highest quality materials available. They strive for perfection in the wall stickers they create and hope that shows in the finished product.

I tried to pick a neutral and bright sticker so both of the kids would enjoy it. This rainbow caught my eye the set includes a rainbow and five different sized clouds . Each piece is separate so you can arrange them how ever you like. The pieces are quite large Rainbow - W50cm x H25cm & Clouds - 2 @ W25cm x H14cm & 3 @ W20cm x H11cm.
The wall sticker comes in a tube so its protected from damage in the post. Because its rolled up we had to put it under the mattress for a night to flatten out. 

The stickers was really easy to put on. First you get something flat like a bank card and just go over the stickers, to make sure the glue is on the stickers. Peel each sticker off and apply to a dry smooth wall. I used the bank card again to just to go over, so the sticker sticks to the wall and any air bubbles are pressed out. Both of the kids love the stickers and as its on the wall as you go in to there bedroom its really cheery when you walk in. 

You can tell these are good quality stickers as they are pretty thick and don't roll up and stick to you when you are trying to apply them. I've brought a load of wall stickers and they are been really hard to apply and normally fall off by the morning. The rainbow and clouds are still up and looking great, I think after reviewing these its best to pay a bit more for quality. 

RRP - £16.00

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