Sunday, 15 June 2014

My Beauty Favourites.

Apart from my nail polish addiction, I don't really wear a lot of make up at all. Only when I'm off out or a special occasion. I just never find the time with two little ones running about, I actually would rather the extra ten minutes in bed.

I do have a passion for beauty products in general though. I love face masks the mud and peel offs are my favorites, nothing beats popping a face mask on and feeling refreshed after.

Anything else bath wise is also a huge hit, bath salts, bath bombs and oils are great too.

My other love is body lotions, I'm a massive fan of Baylis and Harding ones as the scent seems to linger on which I do like.

My favorites at the moment are Baylis and Harding vanilla frosting, Baylis and Harding sugar syrup and honey body butter, lemon, rosemary and mint bath and body oil visionary soap company and planet sis Chinese ginseng face mask from Avon.

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