Sunday, 8 June 2014

May 2014 - Beauty Empties #2

Amazing how quick you get though stuff when you can't buy anymore isn't it. This month I've been using the following.

Planet Spa Dead Sea Mineral Foot Cream - I'm a huge fan of Avon and this foot cream leaves your feet feeling soft and refreshed. I normally pop this on my feet then put thin socks overnight. It absorbs really easy and is lightly scented. RRP - £2.50 ( I got mine on a sale for £1.50) 

Laura Ashley Shower Cream - I got this Imperial Bloom set at Christmas. The scent is pretty strong and you only need a bit for a good lather. Mini set was £10 from boots. 

Phil Smith Argan Oil - This isnt as good as the Avon one I'm using ATM. I've found it makes my hair pretty greasy the next day. It does make yor hair soft and smooth though. RRP - £4 

Bannatyne Exfoliating Treatment Mask - I love this mask, after every use its made my face really refreshed and I love how it tingles when you put it on. RRP -£15.99

Charles Worthington Takeaways Sunshine Conditioner - I love the scent and the freshness of this. Makes the hair shiny and great size for holiday. RRP for £1.50

Visionary Lavender Soap - Got to be one of my favourite soaps ever. The scent was lovely and the added dry lavender was a bonus too. Left my skin feeling amazing after. RRP - £3.69 

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