Thursday, 5 June 2014

Growing Up

I look at my baby boy and can't believe how much his grown up and changed in the last year. Raiden is such a loving boy, he loves his cuddles and says I love you when you least expect it. I remember five years ago when I was told how violent and anti social he was. At home he was really quiet, loved playing and generally happy. Back before his second birthday, he and a massive lifestyle change. We moved home, he got his own bedroom, he moved nurseries and his grandad past away. He loved his grandad so much he used to visit and stay over on a Friday night. The shock of all these things made a huge setback for him, he stopped talking , he didn't eat for two weeks and just totally though him. Problems arose at his new nursery that he would launch at anyone that got in his space that he played alone and never spoke. As a parent this is heartbreaking to here. The nursery decided that he needed some sort of help and extra help was brought it, we was whisked of to behaviour specialist and told he may have Autism and ADHD as both signs and spectrum's was there.

When he started school nursery it was hard, the school have been fantastic and helped us along so much. That first year was horrid, with no signs of improvement. Raiden got extra support and responded very well to one to one with a support teacher. He started to settle down and a change happened when he moved in to reception class.  Every year he has gone from strength to strength and calmed down. He has now been taken off the behaviour specialist, which is amazing news.

I'm so proud when he brings home special rewards and he recently got a special award and a tshirt for collecting golden stars though year 2. We are so proud with how far he has come.


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