Monday, 16 June 2014

Blackpool Pleasure Beach & Poppycat

Last weekend we got invited to Blackpool to meet Poppy Cat, Lexie is a huge fan of the show so we was delighted to go. Poppy Cat is appearing at Nickelodeon Land (Blackpool Pleasure Beach) throughout the summer season, with June being ‘Poppy Cat Month’.

From June 2nd Poppy will be the headline character, appearing every day with her ‘copy Poppy’ dance routine, story time with Poppy in the Nickelodeon shop, a group participation ‘Fitness Forest show’ and the opportunity to have your picture taken with Poppy at the Meet & Greet stage. 

The kids was mega excited as we travelled four hours from Birmingham on the train. With colouring books and Plasticine on board they was thrilled to land in out hotel at 10.20 on the night then finally crashing out at 11.45 on the night.

On Saturday the weather wasn't fantastic so we started of with some yellow ponchos for the kids. The rain didn't phase us and we decided to hit the pleasure beach. There is so much to do at Blackpool Pleasure Beach and its pretty famous for the ride " the big one" aka the Pepsi max.

We started off in Nickelodeon Land, which both kids loved as there was rides with some of there favorite shows Fairy odd parents, Dora & Spongbob. This is great for the little ones to enjoy. there favorite ride there was the the blue flyer which was a mini roller-coaster. 

Nickelodeon Land is great for the meet and greets the staff are very friendly and great with the kids. Its amazing to see your little ones face light up as they meet a character from the TV show they watch.

We managed to meet Poppy Cat herself, Lexie was so excited that she kissed and rubbed her belly. 

We also got the chance to meet Dora, boots and the teenage mutant turtles.

 We went on to the rest of the park where the kids loved the Wallace and Gromit ride. 

We didn't have to queue much at all. I think a lot of people stayed clear with the rain. We had such a fantastic time in Blackpool and it was amazing to meet Poppy cat.

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  1. What a great day out, my son would have loved meeting the Ninja Turtles :)