Monday, 23 June 2014

Baylis And Harding's Newest Luxury Range - Great Body Review

Baylis & Harding have just brought out a whole new affordable range that can be used as a 5 step daily skin care routine to brighten, condition, nourish, firm and refresh the skin. From top to toe.

Step 1 Body Polish - Step 2 Body wash - Step 3 Body Lotion - Step 4 Body Firming Cream - Step 5 Body Mist.

The new collection have a super ingredient and botanical extracts taken from British wildflower plants. The great body collection is designed to work on all skin types.

I received the following to review, body mist, body lotion & body firming cream.

I'm gonna start with my least favorite which is the body mist, personally I've never been a huge fan of body mists. I've never really given them a go in total honesty. The mist you spray over your body to moisturise and refresh the skin. It evaporated quickly and didn't leave the skin sticky after use. The scent of the great body range is a firm favorite of mine, so the scent was long lasting and very summery. My daughter even liked a spray of this too she kept calling it her perfume.

200ml - RRP £6.00

The body lotion was again a really pleasant smell. My skin has become very dry with the warm sticky weather we have had. The lotion is a good constantly and absorbs well in to the skin. It leaves a little refreshing tingle as it goes on which has a great soothing effect. I can't really fault the body lotion as its a reason why I like Baylis and Harding so much as its my favorite for body lotions.

500ml -RRP £6.00

So I've left the best till last. The body firming cream is amazing, the really thick lotion is great and leaves you feeling smooth after applying. It takes some time to absorb but I think its because how thick the cream is. This contains Actusculpt a new blend of herbal actives from India. The Actusculpt helps to firm the skin, which is something I'm needing at the moment.

200ml -RRP £6.00

The great body range has Paraben free preservatives. The packaging I feel is a very grown up vibe for Baylis and Harding, will cool pastel shades which are on trend this summer. The range is available to buy from Waitrose.

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