Monday, 30 June 2014

Hamster Love

So we have had the hamster for well over a month now and he is now one of the family. He can be a bit odd when he sleeps upside with his head down in his tubes for some reason he likes to take his bedding in the tubes and sleep in there. 

Both the kids love him to bits, I think he is still a tad scared of them but I think its because they wake him up. When the kids are in bed I normally get him out and he will sit on my chest while I stroke him feeding him hamster chocolate buttons.

He is so cute in his own way. 

Saturday, 28 June 2014

Look In My Letterbox

I didn't post last week as I only had two parcels though. Then this week I've had quite a few.


Miffys birthday book

England flag and magnet

Rosie tote bag

How to catch a star book


Colgate toothpaste

Smash box primer

Wood coaster from Robert Parker website

Lovely bird wall sticker

Review Items

Bundle of skincare from Tesco beauty

Cussons bath funky fizz crackles


As it was my birthday last week, I mainly got money so I treated myself to a few items.

Harajuku lovers monster earphones - I've been lasting after these for ages then I noticed they was reduced from £49.99 to £15.50 I was dead chuffed.

Cute mint green fox bag from amazon £4. Its smaller tan. I thought but great as an everyday bag for a purse, keys and phone.

Elsa dress from Hong Kong. Lexie was worn this ever day since she got it, so I've had to wash it and dry it every night when she's sleeping best £3.01p I've ever spent.

Nails inc  goodies - as I'm a VIP member I get a £5 every year on my birthday. So the leather effect polish was reduced to £5 so that was free.

Elsa clips - do you see a theme going on haha £1.70 from ebay

Alice Megan

Friday, 27 June 2014

Budget Beauty Bargains At Tesco Beauty

Tesco beauty have some great beauty bargains to make the purse stretch a bit further this summer or back to uni students. Prices start from from just 65p.

We received the Pro Formula Hydrating Face Wash, Hydrating Cleansing Wipes & Along Came Betty Say You Scrub Me Skin Buffer to review.

First of all I will start with the pro formula hydrating cleansing wipes. The pack comes with a resealable tab to keep the wipes moist. These are Suitable for dry and sensitive skin types as come in a pack of 25 wipes. The wipes have been great in the hot sticky weather, the thickness of the wipes is great and they are big enough to be able to wipe over face and neck area. The scent is really mild and the wipes are give a really fresh feeling once used. Alcohol free, dermatologically tested & Hypoallergenic.

RRP - £2

Pro Formula hydrating creamy face wash is up next the thick creamy texture leaves your face soft, smooth and refreshed its utterly amazing. Plus it smells like baby lotion so mild. Something like this I wouldn't of ever picked up before as its just too plain, but after using it now its a must in my daily routine.

150ml bottle -RRP -£1.50

Along Came Betty say you scrub me skin buffer is up last. First of all I love the 1950s glam packing, it so up my street back in the 1950s women's skin was flawless.
I'm gonna be totally honest and say after using the mild Pro formula items the fruity scent was really strong for me the scrub itself was mild the small granules wasn't harsh on your skin. I tend to exfoliate twice a week and sometimes scrubs can leave you feeling like you have used sandpaper this didn't at all. My skin was left smooth and soft. Plus I didn't get moaned at for bits left all over the bath even though its been rinsed haha. I would definitely pick this up again for just a general scrub.

200ml - RRP -£3.99

Tesco have also launched its first ever beauty tablet magazine, Beauty at Tesco, filled with insider know-how and inspiration to help readers look and feel beautiful. The interactive magazine will offer exclusive step-by-step tutorials from the following industry experts:

The Illustrated Nail’s Sophie Harris Greenslade
Celebrity hair stylist Leo Bancroft
Top makeup artists Claire Ray and Liz Beckett

Available for free download from iTunes and Google Play, Beauty at Tesco is the perfect companion for beauty enthusiasts on the go. Visit the app store and search ‘Tesco Magazines’ to download today.

Thursday, 26 June 2014

Sensory Pink Peppermint Playdough

What you will need :

Two cups of plain flour
One cup of salt
1 tablespoon of oil
1 cup of water
2 spoons of cream of tartar
Few drops of peppermint essence.

Add it in all in a saucepan and put on a low heat until It goes gooey and doughy. Once it goes like that take it out ( watch its not too hot) and kneed for a few minutes in to a ball with a bit of extra flour.

Keep in a sealed airtight container and it will last a few weeks.

It smells fantastic and my daughter loved it as it was pink her favourite colour. She wants to make blue glitter ( frozen) Playdough next week.

Wednesday, 25 June 2014

Cussons Mum & Me Funky Fizz Bath Crackles Review

Both my kids love anything to do with bath time, bath paint, foam & even food coloring to change the water color.

Cussons Mum & Me sent us a packet of there latest product funky fizz bath crackles. The kids was really excited the crackles consists of blue and orange parts. 

As soon as they hit the water they give out a pop and bang this lasted quite a while and was such a good effect. They remind me of Rice Krispies when they go snap, crackle and pop or Magic candy for the bath. They completely dissolve and turn the water a light blue color, which the kids loved.

Great for imagination, stimulates senses and encourages development through bath time play. Perfect for bath time fun. hypoallergenic and dermatologist approved. Big thumbs up from us.

Comes in a 30g packet. RRP - £1.00

Family Fever

Tuesday, 24 June 2014

Simple Fairy Cakes

We went back to basics this week, as the kids wanted to do plain fairy cakes with white icing. I think they have been fed up with the odd combination tastes the past few weeks. 

For The Fairy Cakes 

4oz butter
6oz self raising flour
4oz caster sugar
2 tsp of milk
2 large eggs
3 large teaspoons of vanilla powder 

Icing sugar, water & sprinkles to decorate. 

Mix sugar and butter, add 2 eggs and sieve flour in bit by bit. Add milk and vanilla essence. And whisk until smooth.

Spoon mixture in to cake cases. Cook on gas mark 4 for about 12 minutes.

Once cooled mix icing sugar and water until a thick paste. Add decorations/sprinkles.

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Monday, 23 June 2014

Baylis And Harding's Newest Luxury Range - Great Body Review

Baylis & Harding have just brought out a whole new affordable range that can be used as a 5 step daily skin care routine to brighten, condition, nourish, firm and refresh the skin. From top to toe.

Step 1 Body Polish - Step 2 Body wash - Step 3 Body Lotion - Step 4 Body Firming Cream - Step 5 Body Mist.

The new collection have a super ingredient and botanical extracts taken from British wildflower plants. The great body collection is designed to work on all skin types.

I received the following to review, body mist, body lotion & body firming cream.

I'm gonna start with my least favorite which is the body mist, personally I've never been a huge fan of body mists. I've never really given them a go in total honesty. The mist you spray over your body to moisturise and refresh the skin. It evaporated quickly and didn't leave the skin sticky after use. The scent of the great body range is a firm favorite of mine, so the scent was long lasting and very summery. My daughter even liked a spray of this too she kept calling it her perfume.

200ml - RRP £6.00

The body lotion was again a really pleasant smell. My skin has become very dry with the warm sticky weather we have had. The lotion is a good constantly and absorbs well in to the skin. It leaves a little refreshing tingle as it goes on which has a great soothing effect. I can't really fault the body lotion as its a reason why I like Baylis and Harding so much as its my favorite for body lotions.

500ml -RRP £6.00

So I've left the best till last. The body firming cream is amazing, the really thick lotion is great and leaves you feeling smooth after applying. It takes some time to absorb but I think its because how thick the cream is. This contains Actusculpt a new blend of herbal actives from India. The Actusculpt helps to firm the skin, which is something I'm needing at the moment.

200ml -RRP £6.00

The great body range has Paraben free preservatives. The packaging I feel is a very grown up vibe for Baylis and Harding, will cool pastel shades which are on trend this summer. The range is available to buy from Waitrose.

Saturday, 21 June 2014

Nails Inc Gel Effect Polish Bond Street & Cheyenne Walk Swatch.

I keep going back to this Nails inc gel effect polish. I love the shiny glossy effect it has on your nails. I'm gonna have to get the rest in the range I think. This gel is in Bond street and its a deep Cadbury purple.

Cheyenne walk special effects mirror metallic is another firm favourite I can't seem to put down at the moment, I've always been a huge fan of metallics and I love how this one going well with the bond street.

Wednesday, 18 June 2014

See-Saw by Garden Games Review

As we live in a flat we share a garden with another 5 people. Recently we have been tidying up the garden so with the nicer weather the kids can be entertained outside. The garden is pretty secure  so we have been trying to find some hard wearing outside equipment for them to play on. Something that doesn't have to be dragged in every time that they have finished playing.

We was thrilled to be sent a hard wearing solid pine wood See-Saw by Garden Games

First of all I got a few huffs and puffs off the delivery driver as the see-saw wouldn't actually fit up my stairs so he had to leave it outside. The see-saw came packaged really well. Once out the packing the instructions was clear and the see-saw was easy to assemble and took about 40 minutes to build with a normal screwdriver. A few of the holes had to be drilled in a bit more as they wasn't deep enough but apart from that it was easy to put up.

The see-saw is huge 3 meters long. The two seats at the edge each side are a good size, felt comfortable and the handles are really strong. 

The see-saw is a really sturdy piece of equipment and I can see it lasting the children for a lot of years to come. Its one of those toys that will grow with them. The wood is treated so it can stay outside and not be damaged in weather.

The seesaw is really good quality and a great high end piece of equipment and everyday the kids have been playing on it and brought so many smiles and squeals. The kids have enjoyed many hours playing on their new see-saw together.  My only bugbear is it could do with some sort of foam or something on the bottom of the seat so it if smacks on the floor there is a bit of cushion.

From ages 3+ RRP -£109.00

Chocolate & Orange Cakes With Baileys Icing

Last week we made some yummy cakes , they was very simple and easy to make.

Ingredients for the cakes

110g (4oz) butter or margarine
110g (4oz) caster sugar
2 medium size eggs
110g (4oz) self-raising flour - sieved
4 drops of orange flavouring
Icing sugar
Two tablespoons of baileys

Preheat the oven at gas mark 4. Mix the butter and sugar until fluffy. Add the two eggs, orange flavouring then add the flour bit by bit until its a smooth batter.

Add mixture in to cake cakes and cook for 12-15 minutes.

Once cool add the butter, baileys and icing sugar together until you have a paste. Add the icing to the cakes and decorate with chocolate sprinkles.

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Tuesday, 17 June 2014

Interplay's My Living World Range Bug Safari Review - Bug Hunting

Back in March with reviewed the Snail World Set, its been a firm favorite with Raiden. He collects and cleans out the tank every few days. He is really enjoying collecting and looking at the different sizes and colours of snails. 

He was very excited to be sent the Bug Safari Kit  to add to his bug finding collection. The kit inside is great for children to enable them to catch, observe and identify common mini beasts in their gardens.

Inside the box is :

A Field lens - this is great for getting up close and personal to bugs on flowers or trees or those pesky little ants.

Bug tongs - This was Raiden's favorite piece of kit, the tongs are great for picking up things and looking at them. Raiden caught a very slimy slug in here and a woodlice.

Viewing pot with magnifier lid - The viewing pot is great for looking at all different sides of the mini beasts in ours we had a fly, spider and ladybird.

Brush - This is good for brushing small bugs in the the viewing pot without hurting them.

Tweezers - These are great for picking up fast wriggly bugs.

Colour instruction booklet (20 pages) - The instruction booklets is great with this kits. They are so detailed with loads of facts about different mini beasts. Where they live, have many species etc. There is also a checklist in there that you tick when you have found one of the mini-beasts. It also tells you want you can and can't pick up.

Raiden really enjoyed an afternoon of looking on trees, moving plant pots and looking under rocks to find different mini beasts.,

The kit is aimed at children aged 5+

Family Fever