Saturday, 10 May 2014

Triple Chocolate Squiggly Brownies

What you will need:

4oz butter
2oz dark chocolate
6oz plain flour
2oz cocoa powder
2oz white chocolate
4oz milk chocolate
2 large eggs
4oz caster sugar
1oz chocolate milk.

First of all I mixed in the sugar butter & cocoa powder.
Then added the eggs and flour.

I blended in the chocolate with a wooden spoon. ( I did break all the chocolate up in a freezer bag with a rolling pin before hand).

Then added the chocolate milk and mixed well.

I put the mixture in a tin lined with baking paper and baked for around 20 minutes on gas mark 4.

Once cooked I left to cool then cut in to squares, the kids loved them as they was still squishy inside as the chocolate was half melted.


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  1. oh, yum, those look and sound lush!

  2. That looks so luch! How I want my brownies. Crunchy outside, chewy moist inside! #recipeoftheweek

  3. These look delicious, always up for trying a new brownie recipe! #recipeoftheweek