Monday, 26 May 2014

Tots100/Victoria Plumb Shelfie Competition

I knew when I saw this I had to take part. I have a special mommy shelf, the kids and everyone know about my shrine. This shelf makes me so happy!!

First off, the shelf actually only cost me £5 from a local selling site. I had needed a shelf for ages but never came across a pink one, so this was perfect. All my nail polish had been in a brown cardboard box for ages and I could never see what colours I had as they all have silver lids.

From the top are my crystal lids, behind them are all my non Nails Inc polishes. My kindle, with a pink keep calm and carry on case. Then a green rubber duck signed from Duncan from blue.

The second shelf is most my Nails Inc polishes, to the right is all my glitter, beads etc.

Last shelf is a mix of my perfumes, body lotions, hand creams. My awesome unicorn money box and my silver trinket box which the kids got me for Mother's Day last year.


The left side of the shelves are my Baylis had Harding lotions and my mini polishes.

Pop over and take the Victoria Plumb Great British Home Quiz  I got MR Or MRS quirky cool my style is most like Jess Or Nick from new girl.

*This is my entry to the tots100/Victoria plum shelfie competition*

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