Monday, 5 May 2014

Nail Polish Wishist

Ok I bet I've had some roll of the eyes on this one, but seriously you can never have enough nail polish, like ever!

I've put together a list of my top five wants... So I can drool and wish. ( plus its my birthday soon, wink, wink)

OPI - Over-a-Gwen - from the Gwen Stefani Collection 2014. I love Gwen and hoping to collect the whole collection.

Nails Inc - Floral street mews. Perfect for a top coat over a nice pastel colour for spring.

Nails Inc - Soho Place Gel Effect Polish. Lovely bright turquoise green, by the swatches I've saw already this looks lush.

Nails Inc - Portobello Road Latex Polish - ok this looks divine, defo on my list to try. Bet it looks amazing on.
Dollish Polish -  Tainted Love
Neon pink crelly loaded with neon blue, yellow, white, and black hexagon and square glitters.

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