Saturday, 3 May 2014

Look In My Letterbox


I'm linking up today with  #LIML ( look in my letterbox). I actually don't think I could of picked a most boring week!! Haha! So here goes this is what I've received though the letterbox this week.


 Lexie has been caught in the Frozen trap and wanted the dolls. Everywhere is sold out and they are going for stupid prices on eBay. So I decided to get some from Hong Kong for a mere £7.14. Ok they aren't absolutely perfect and I know they are really cheaply made, but for a three year old who won't know any different, the job is done.


The next too items are for messy play. Both the kids love gellibaff it does keep them entertained till the water goes cold and was a bargain for two for £5. Also magic water beads for great for an activity. You soak them in water until the grow. The kids love playing with there figures in these. Not bad for £2.50.
A new top for Lexie £4 off ebay. Which is pretty cute.


My freebies of the week have been really good it think about it.

Snazaroo face paint comes with three colours white, black and red. Also includes a brush and sponge.

Robinsons squash D juice - this will come in handy when we are out and about for the kids.

Eat natural bar pecan and popcorn. This was delicious and the first time I've ever had a eat natural bar.

Oral B toothpaste - I keep these for overnight stays, so we don't have to pack a whole tune of toothpaste.

Maybelline foundation sample - I do love trying out me foundations.



Had a lovely pair of trimpins tights that I won from a blog competition, can't wait to put them in action.

Review Items

Rita Ora Rimmel polish & Elegant touch press on nails

A beautiful bouquet from Sutton seeds.


Hopefully next week I get a exciting & lucky week. 

Alice Megan

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  1. Oooo definitely not a boring week you've had some lovely post! I love the gellibaff sounds super fun