Sunday, 11 May 2014

Look In My Letterbox #2

This week not much has been though my letterbox.

My Buys.

First up was some hamster treats for the hamster which are in the shape of a pizza, burger and a fizzy drink. These are meant to keep teeth clean and short. As hamsters teeth can grow really long if they don't wear them down.


Next up is my blog business cards. I'm meant to get these done for ages. My friend designed them. Aren't they great, I'm so happy with the colours and design.  :-)


A WiiFit meter for the WiiU as managed to put my other one though the wash AGAIN! After I got this one, my old one actually came back to life.. Typical lol


Handmade Elsa Frozen Bows from EBay


Review Items

GALT sponge set as we are participating in a Van Gogh Mini Masterpiece!  The post is due up next week.


New glasses from blog post will be coming next week.


Poppycat DVD and magazines, Lexie was thrilled with these in the post.



My only freebie this week is a Mini Boden catalogue, which Lexie has designed the front cover. She designed the cover on the computer, by choosing the pictures and dragging them over on the page.


No wins this week, need to start entering more I think.

Alice Megan


  1. Shame you've had no wins this week. For on-line competitions I use which has good sections, especially the "closing soon" section, and if you register you can track which competitions you have entered, etc - although you probably already know the site - Good luck in winning!!
    (Spencer Broadley -

  2. I love the business cards! I always wonder whether I need to get myself some set up
    Thanks for linking up with #LIML