Wednesday, 7 May 2014

Elegant Touch Express Press On Nails Review.


I was delighted to be sent two packs of Elegant touch press on nails to try and test out. I remember in my clubbing days of buying false nails and gluing my finger to one of the nails. I really haven't used them since then.

Elegant Touch is the UK's leading beauty accessories brand. Specialising in press-on-nails. Products include press-on-nails,nail wraps, toe nails, hand and foot care, adhesives, removers, implements and nail art kits.

So times have now changed and the glue is already applied for you, no more messy nail glue. All you do to prepare your nails is  wash you hands with soapy water, dry them then wipe your nails with the nail wipe included. I had already pre sorted which nails went where, so the ten nails was lined up ready.  To put on the nails you literary pull the sticky strip off and press the nail down on to your nail, super easy application.

First up was the French Triangle
I super love this design, as I would never go for white but I loved the twist on a French Mani. Very classy and sophisticated.


I also had the Pastel Blue to try out.
I love pastels at the moment as they just give off that spring vibe don't they without being too bright and brash.


I loved the easy application of the nails and they fitted really well. They didn't look to false while on and gave off a very natural appearance. On the website it says they can last up to a week, both of mine only lasted two days. I think with the day to day housework and washing up actually didn't help the glue under them and pulled it away. The press on nails will be something I will buy for special events like a wedding or a night out. It was actually quicker and easier than nail polish plus without the mess and touching up with polish. Plus you don't get chips or scratches with the press on nails.
Elegant Touch is available in 40 countries worldwide

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