Saturday, 31 May 2014

Coconut Shortbread


What you will need to make the shortbread :

8oz flour
6oz butter
4oz sugar
3oz dry coconut

Mix together the sugar and butter, add flour bit by bit. Then blend coconut until its in a thick paste. If it won't blind together use a touch of water. Roll it out with a rolling pin and add to a baking tray.

Cook on gas mark 4 for 15 minutes until golden.  
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Friday, 30 May 2014

Eucerin Dermo Purifyer Cleanser From

I was asked to review the Eucerin Cleanser from, also a huge bag of fantastic samples to try.

''Established in 2000, is the Premier Beauty Destination.

Founded upon the fundamental belief of "Quality, Service and Satisfaction", Escentual is a fully authorised premium beauty retailer that strives to provide quality products at the fairest prices. They maintain fantastic, direct relationships with the brands that they stock, meaning that we can offer customers the very best in haircare, beauty and fragrance''.

My skin has been super bad at the moment due to me having a total detox. I've always suffered with breakouts for some reason, I have pretty oily skin in some places really dry areas.

With concentration of 6% Ampho-Tenside and anti-bacterical properties in the cleanser ensures that skin is fresh and clear. The cleanser is totally fragrance-free. There is a super sutule hint of a faint smell that I can only describe as faint washing up liquid. Which got me thinking I generally go for the super strong smelling cleanser. Which is probably the whole cause of why my skin fares up so much.

Its really simple to apply, wet your face add a blob of cleanser to your hand and massage all over the face until it builds up a lather then wash off. Every time I've used the cleanser its left my face feeling fresh and alive. It not felt heavy or tight after I've used it. Created to closely meet the needs of those with oily skin with blemishes and imperfections, this soap-free gel cleanser eliminates excess sebum and removes dirt and make-up in a single step. Fragrance-free & non-comedogenic.


Its comes in a 200ml bottle and the RRP is £9.00

Here is my before and after shot, I've been using the cleanser for ten days now. ( sorry about the awful close up)

Thursday, 29 May 2014

Win A Pair Of Legwarmers With NappyKind.


NappyKind is a new Baby Boutique based in Leeds specializing in leg warmers for babies to preschool children, created by Sabrina and Junior.

They are both University Students who have been selling a range of baby clothes through stalls and online selling websites. When they came across leg warmers they were amazed at the design and benefits and they have become a passion of there's ever since. Click on the link to their blog to find out the benefits of baby leg warmers.


To win your own pair of legwarmers, check out the Rafflecopter below.

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Prize contains - A pair of legwarmers from NappyKind Boutique.

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Rafflecoper picks the winner and all steps of entry are checked.

Entrants accept that their ...
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The competition closes on the 28/05/2014 The winner will be notified within 48 hours and The company will be contacted thereafter to send the prize to it's recipient. The winner has 28 days from the date of contact from brummie mummy to respond with their address details, after which a new winner will be picked.

UK Only

Nails The Past Three Weeks

Just realised I've not done a nail polish post for ages! I've been taking pictures just forgetting to post..

Connaught Square - 3D glitter royal blue and purple polish. Its quite thick so you could get away with the one coat.

Chanel Black Satin - A lovely glossy effect black, first time ever I've used a Chanel polish.



Maliblush - a neon orange from the Malibu collection. I love all three colours of this range.

Notting hill gate nails inc is a neon pink, great for the summer its also one from my crystal lid collection

Mermaid Mix is one of the couture collection which I made myself. Its a pink and purple glitter. 

Wednesday, 28 May 2014

Michelin I-Spy Spotter Guide Review


So if I was to say to you Michelin Tyres, you would instantly think the very white and buff Michelin man wouldn't you. Sorry this post isn't about tyres or him, but something very educational for your children.

Michelin Tyres have brought some super cool educational interactive guides for kids to enjoy on days out, long journeys or even just out and about. With the guides your children can enjoy the world around them exploring with Michelin's I-Spy guides. With over 60 guides to chose from I'm sure there is a guide for every explorer.



Each book is pocket size so they are easy to carry or pop in a bag. The books contain up to 200 colour photographs which you can tick off once its been spotted. You can gain points for each ticked off box and once 1,000 points are scored your children can join the I-Spy club and apply online for a certificate of achievement.


Both my children are always in a rush to get where they want to get. Plus they get so bored travelling to and from places. These will be perfect for when we are on the move in the holidays and we are planning a trip to London too.
RRP - £2.50 each.

Family Fever

Tuesday, 27 May 2014

Pet Facts Video Infographic UK By Petplan

If you are looking for pet insurance, this is the post for you.

Since Petplan's inception in 1976, their  priority has been to keep the nation's pets healthy and their owners happy. By offering the very best pet insurance policies and great customer service they have helped millions of owners get their beloved pets back on their feet following illness and injury.

They are passionate about pets and as the true specialists in the market, it's all they do. Find out more as to why after 36 years we continue to be the UK's favourite pet insurance provider.

Check out this quirky video, its actually pretty cool and under three minutes long, its worth watching. Some great pet facts in there. Did you know that Petplan insure tortoises. How cool is that.

At the moment we only have two pets a hamster called Elsoff & a snail called Turbo.

**in collaboration with Petplan**

Monday, 26 May 2014

Summer Beauty at Tesco.

Check out this low cost, beauty essentials for summer. If your on a budget but what to look your best check out Tesco's beauty selection they have some gorgeous items at bargain prices.


Clarins Self Tanning Milk, £19.00 - Tesco Soleil Tinted Bronzing Lotion, £3.49

Biotherm Lait Solaire, £16.50 - Tesco Soleil Suncare £3.00


Bobbi Brown Nail Varnish, £11.00 - BD Nail Varnish £5.00


Chanel Les 4 Ombres, £40.00 - BD Eyeshadow Bon Bon £7.00

Dior Jelly Lip Pen, £19.00 - BD Lip Melt £7.00

Tots100/Victoria Plumb Shelfie Competition

I knew when I saw this I had to take part. I have a special mommy shelf, the kids and everyone know about my shrine. This shelf makes me so happy!!

First off, the shelf actually only cost me £5 from a local selling site. I had needed a shelf for ages but never came across a pink one, so this was perfect. All my nail polish had been in a brown cardboard box for ages and I could never see what colours I had as they all have silver lids.

From the top are my crystal lids, behind them are all my non Nails Inc polishes. My kindle, with a pink keep calm and carry on case. Then a green rubber duck signed from Duncan from blue.

The second shelf is most my Nails Inc polishes, to the right is all my glitter, beads etc.

Last shelf is a mix of my perfumes, body lotions, hand creams. My awesome unicorn money box and my silver trinket box which the kids got me for Mother's Day last year.


The left side of the shelves are my Baylis had Harding lotions and my mini polishes.

Pop over and take the Victoria Plumb Great British Home Quiz  I got MR Or MRS quirky cool my style is most like Jess Or Nick from new girl.

*This is my entry to the tots100/Victoria plum shelfie competition*

Sunday, 25 May 2014

Two Tone Vanilla Fairy Cakes With Peppermint Icing.

To make 12 two tone fairy cakes you will need :

6oz of self raising flour
1tsp of baking powder
4oz butter
4oz caster sugar
2 large eggs
2 tbsp milk
Food colouring ( pink and yellow)
Vanilla essence 2tsps


4oz Icing sugar
3oz Margarine
Peppermint essence

Add the butter, eggs and sugar. Beat together until well mixed. Add flour and baking powder into a bowl.  If the mixture is a little thick, mix in a little milk. Once smooth add in 2tsps of vanilla essence and mix.

Evenly divide the mixture between two bowls and add a few drops of food colouring in each. Add a spoon to each cake case and base on gas mark 4 for around 13/14 minute's.

Once the cakes are cool, add icing sugar & margarine together until its quite thick. Add a tsp of vanilla essence , mix again and add in to the cake cases.

Add wafer Daisy for decoration.

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Avon Flawless Foundation, Moroccan Argan Oil & Anew Vitale Night Gel

I got sent some lovely samples from Rickie at Avon I've been a fan of Avon for a while, I'm not a huge make up wearer but I do like Avon's foundations and mascara.

Ideal Flawless Foundation - RRP -£12 - the foundation was really light when applied and absorbed very quickly. Gave a very natural look and blended in well. It stayed on pretty well all day has SPF15 and comes in 30ml bottle.

Advance Techniques Moroccan Argan Oil - RRP -£5.50 -  I love this oil its suitable for all hair types and considering I've used a lot of oils this is my favourite. The serum you can use on wet or dry hair, it doesn't leave it feeling greasy or heavy. I used the oil straight after I washed my hair then blow dried it the results was Instant shine & silky smooth finish. Comes in a 30ml bottle.

Anew Vitale Night Gel Cream - RRP -£19.50 - To be totally honest I haven't really thought about any crams for my face I suffer with a combination of oily and dry skin, so I worry if I put a cream on my face it will make it ten times worse. The Anew Vitale Night Gel Cream was pretty light to put on not heavy like I expected. The smell was really pleasant and my skin felt fresh in the morning which was great. So now I'm nearly 31 I think I better start with something that is going to help the visible signs of ageing and fine wrinkles. comes in a 50ml bottle.

If you have any questions on an Avon products please pop over and contact Rickie On twitter or the website @BeautyFaves &

Saturday, 24 May 2014

Look In My Letterbox

I'm always so surprised how fast this comes around, then when I write it up how much I receive in the post no wonder my postman is huffing and puffing sometimes. haha

Nails inc crystal cap - couldn't resist this beauty off ebay at £4.50 brand new. Another to add to my collection.


Frozen DVD - The kids both fight over the iPad to watch it so, I brought it for £10 to save my sanity.


Yankee candles - both with delivery was £27.98 from amazon. Total bargain as there are normally £29.99 each.


New bedding - Saw this on ebay for a mere £11.99 for a king size. Love the hot pink, black and animal print.


Sandart off Amazon for £3.19 - A activity for the kids next week to do when its half term.


Ecover washing up liquid

Hunger games books

Kaliko parcel

ISpy books



Herb seeds from, cant wait to start growing these.


Bounce natural energy ball - cashew and pecan.


Merumaya iconic youth serum.



Yay, I had a win this week from cricut twitter party. Can't wait to get busy and use these monochrome vinyls.


Alice Megan

Friday, 23 May 2014

Round 2 & Going For That MuTu Finish Line

As some of you know, I've been on a slimpod jounery for over a year. I have gone from a size 22 to a 16 in eight months. I've never been able to get my belly anywhere near flat. Due to hernia behind my bellybutton. I had the operation on the 17th march and I've lost track of my myself and my size 16s are extremely tight again. Even though my youngest is now three and I did do my pelvic floors. My main focus when I'm out is knowing where the toilets are...... That's so bad for a 30 year old isn't it.

I'm very lucky as I got offered to take part in the MuTu program. I'm so excited to be on my next stage of my weight loss journey.

The MuTu System is for women who want their bodies to look, feel + function better after having a baby. Even a long time after having a baby. It’s a truly effective, tried + tested solution for ‘mummy tummy’, diastasis recti, pelvic floor weakness + a core that isn’t as functional or strong as you’d like it to be. It’s for women who want to lose weight after childbirth + keep it off.

MuTu System is for Moms who want a flatter stomach, who want to be strong, fit + confident… as well as being Mom.

An international best selling, industry acclaimed, holistic, realistic + supportive postpartum exercise + recovery program for Moms that truly works.

MuTu System is about learning to love + respect your body enough to want to make it feel good. To nourish it, move it, strengthen it + use it confidently + with pride.

Check out my journey with these posts and see how I've done so far..


Wish me luck!!

Thursday, 22 May 2014

Skip Hop Zoo Pack and Lunch Bag From SafeTots Review.

Family Fever

As some of you know my little Lexie will be starting school nursery in September so when SafeTots asked me to review a Skip Hop Zoo Back & Lunch Bag we was thrilled a a she will need a backpack to take with her.

Safetots was founded in 2003 by brothers David and Peter Boast, to provide a shopping destination for the very best brands in baby and child safety products. To offer expert advice and information for parents and carer’s to enable them to provide a safer environment for their children to grow up in. Today, is the UK’s largest shopping destination for child safety products, offering the widest choice for your home through to essential items for your travels.

The bag and lunch bag come in five different designs a ladybug, cat, bee, monkey and zebra. We received the Cat for Lexie.

The back pack is quite big, it larger than character backpacks you get and are very roomy inside. There is a large compartment for a few sets of a change of clothes, any toys or books and still plenty of room for snacks and a drink. The outer pocket is great for anything small, like lunch money etc.

There is an outer mesh pocket which is good for anything you need handy for your little one or a juice bottle. The character is really friendly and is very bright and unusual. We loved the zipper pulls that was in the shape of fish. The write on name tag is always handy for school too so it never gets lost. The bag come with thick padded adjustable comfy straps with is great for went she is walking to and from nursery.

The Lunch Bag is a smaller version of the backpack, which has a large main compartment which is insulated and keeps food and drinks cold. The main compartment is big enough for a sandwich, apple, fruit, yogurt and a juice. There is an interior mesh pocket which is handy for a fork or spoon. Just like the backpack it comes with a name tag you can write on. It comes with a clip adjustable strap which is great for little hands.

These are going to fantastic for Lexie for September.

RRP £37.95