Thursday, 3 April 2014

World’s First Virtual Colic Clinic for Parents

Infacol has just launched Colic Help , an innovative website created to help desperate mums and dads 24/7 get to grips with the challenges of infant colic. What is really unique about this site is the virtual Q & A Colic Clinic – ask your question and get an immediate video response from Infacol’s midwife - 24/7.

My first born suffered with colic really bad, his dad would leave for work and he would cry none stop for two whole hours. Nothing would soothe him at all. One point I actually thought he hated me. I remember mentioning it to the health visitor while getting him weighed and her mentioning infacol, the results was instant and the two hours dissolved in to minutes. I wish I had a website like this to refer to in my time in need and its extremely stressful with a child with colic and painful for them too.

This brand new and pioneering website aims to bring reassurance to parents worried about colic, whatever the time of day or night.

On average, anxious first-time mothers make 16 trips to the doctor over a child’s first year, with colic being in the top three concerns of new mums. The Virtual Colic Clinic app, launched by Infacol (Simeticone), Britain’s number 1 selling infant colic remedy, is the first of its kind. It offers a new way for parents to get immediate, 24/7 support by accessing video response answers to important questions about dealing with colic; either through a smartphone, tablet or desktop. Designed to answer the questions of parents on the subject of colic and provide extra support for parents in need, with the help of Midwife Nikki Khan, the launch follows the success of the ‘Is it colic?’ web app, which helps to quickly identify whether a baby has colic through ten simple yes/no questions.

The 24/7 Virtual Colic Clinic works by encouraging parents to choose from 50 of the most commonly asked questions around colic from a drop down menu or alternatively to type their own, and then providing them with an instant video answer from Nikki Khan. The I Virtual Colic Clinic can be accessed here via multiple device platforms including smartphones, tablets and desktops.

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