Monday, 21 April 2014

Week One Of The Hoildays.

Last week we was very busy, trying to keep the little ones busy.

Monday we had a walk down to the park, we have a lovely park about 15-20 minutes away, which is a great walk down plus a good plan when we get there.

Tuesday Raiden needed an eye test so I took him up then after we went to our local nature centre. Its pretty small but great for little ones to have a look around. You can see plenty of animals and there is a lot to do. Including den building and having your face painted.

Wednesday the other half took Lexie for a bike ride in the trailer, while me and Raiden was invited to a special blog event with skribbles and we had an amazing time ( more on that in another post). Later on grandad took us to the park which Raiden enjoyed and didn't want to come home.

Thursday was baking day where we made some vanilla and almond cupcakes. The kids played with there toys and computer games.

Friday was chill out day, DVDs, colouring and yummy treats.

Next week we are hoping its lovely and sunny again so we can do even more.

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