Thursday, 24 April 2014

Skribbies Trainers - Customise Your Own Shoes


Last Wednesday we was Invited to a special blogger event with Skribbies this is my second event I've ever been too and Raiden had so much fun. The event was in the bullring in Birmingham, so very close to home.

So what are Skribbies??

Skribbies are the new super cool trainers, that you can let your children design and create. Each pair comes with a pair of trainers, a pack of six washable pens, monster stickers and a wristband that you can use to wipe the washable pens off. The trainers are the same design but come in three colours, blue, pink and black. So the kids draw, wipe then design again, hours of fun.


We was given a pair while we was at the event and Raiden loves them, he decided to draw fruit on them while he was there but has done many designs since being at home. Even his sister has enjoyed drawing pictures on them. I love how they are designed to use creative skills and imagination to express themselves though colouring. Trainers are reasonable priced at £39.99.

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