Friday, 11 April 2014

Hotel Chocolat Eggsellency Extra Thick Easter Egg Review.

We was thrilled to be give a chance to review the Eggsellency extra thick Easter egg from Hotel Chocolat. With a diet in mind I decided to ask the other half to try and test the yumminess out.

Hotel Chocolat's Story...

British entrepreneurs, Angus Thirlwell and Peter Harris embarked upon their Hotel Chocolat journey about 20 years ago.

Hotel Chocolat is a British chocolatier that encompasses a new type of chocolate company, connecting luxury chocolate making and retailing with cocoa growing – it is one of the world’s few chocolate makers to actually grow cocoa. Hotel Chocolat remains a privately owned company with the original co-founders still very much involved

The Business grew from an award-winning website to the launch of there first retail store in 2004. They are turning heads by offering something completely different and original – deeply authentic chocolate with a witty, fashionable edge.

HOTEL CHOCOLAT’S secret ingredients…

A spirit of innovation and creativity permeates the company. There look is influenced by the London fashion scene and our concepts born through a desire to make people happy through gift giving and interaction with those they love.

Real chocolate needs real ingredients and Hotel Chocolat is pioneering a ‘less sugar, more cocoa’ approach to recipes, allowing the true flavours to shine through – particularly noticeable in our signature high cocoa milk chocolates. There unique status as a cocoa grower as well as a chocolatier provides us with unmatched insight, an engaging story and some of the world’s rarest cocoa with which to work.

There is a huge disparity between those who enjoy fine chocolate and the subsistence cocoa growers who nurture the beans. So they wanted to do something to make a difference. They are extremely proud that for 8 years now,  there own Engaged Ethics program has been delivering sustainable benefits to cocoa communities in Saint Lucia and Ghana. And the story continues with a slew of exciting new projects…

– At London’s Borough Market, we opened a cacao cuisine street food cafĂ©, serving authentic cocoa tea, savoury and sweet cacao wraps and a range of Rabot Estate small batch chocolates.

– They launched the world’s first Chocolate Bond, with the ‘interest’ paid in monthly chocolate. Members of our Chocolate Tasting Club responded enthusiastically, raising £4m to help fund our initiatives in the UK, US and Saint Lucia.

– The Boucan restaurant is now open on our cocoa estate in Saint Lucia – a full dining experience centred around an innovative, light and healthy cacao cuisine menu, with a view to die for, joining Newbury Street, Boston, which has been open since summer 2009 and has gained a loyal following.

– Our plantation chic hotel is fully open with 14 guest Pods.

– ‘London Roast & Conch’ is a venue for small batch bean roasting and chocolate making. Situated in Monmouth Street in Seven Dials, Covent Garden we serve a groundbreaking new range of unique cocoa drinks with all the refreshing vitality of coffee. It’s a place to savour the aromas of freshly roasting cocoa and sample the cacao cuisine menu.

So the egg is a decent sized egg, it comes with half 40% milk chocolate and 70% dark chocolate which is a great mix to have something different, rather than just a full milk chocolate egg. As the egg suggests it is really thick & its filled with 12 finest real cream truffles, which have the following six unique flavors.

Champagne Truffle - White
White chocolate and cream softened with a splash of real champagne.

Mojito Cocktail
Punchy cocktail truffles with Jamaican white rum, refreshing mint and zingy lime.

Rum Truffle
Lashings of premium Myers rum in creamy milk chocolate truffles.

Gin Truffle - Dark
Light London dry gin truffle with plenty of juniper notes and fresh, citrus zing.

Amaretto Amour
Creamy truffle with a dash of amaretto and a sprinkle of crushed amaretti biscuit.

Ruby Port Truffle
Special reserve ruby port perfectly matched with deep, dark chocolate truffle.

The other half really enjoyed the egg, its something you enjoy and eat slowly as the chocolate is so rich its really satisfying. He loved the truffles, each one was blended well with different flavors. Hotel Chocolat have an amazing range this Easter and prices are to suit every budget. Prices start from £2.00.

RRP £28

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