Wednesday, 30 April 2014

Blue Frog Gym Towel Review

I'm going to be restarting the gym again in a month or two. I remember the days doing a mission impossible around the gym with my belongings. If your anything like me you have converted to proper gym trousers rather than clumpy jogging bottoms, which means no pockets. So you are filling up the trays on the machines and dropping everything on the floor.

The main items I carry is my locker key, a £1 for a drink ( unless I take one), my phone ( just in case of an emergency)  a hand towel, my lip balm and my iPod.

Blue Frog have come up with a fantastic idea of a towel with two zipped compartments which are split in two so your phone is safe from scratches, whilst the towel mops up sweat effectively.

The unique towels are made of fine, lightweight microfibre fabric ( 80% polyester and 20% polyamide) which offers fantastic drying results. The towels are very soft are light to carry.

So when you're working hard your towel will be busy keeping you sweat free and your valuables safe.  At the moment its only available in this colour ( Grey) but they are in progress of making other colours soon. I'm hoping for a hot pink. The towel has washed well and looks as good as new.

The towels are also great for anyone that has to keep medication close or on them all the time.

RRP is £7.99.

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