Friday, 7 March 2014

When Customer Service Gets It Right - Thanks Rubies!

I've brought Rubies fancy dress costumes for years and never been faced with a problem. All Raiden's old ones I've actually managed to re-sell once he had grown out of them, so they have been pretty hard wearing. 

Lexie has gone in to the fancy dress stage where she actually wears more fancy dress than normal clothes. Of cause she obsessed with Disney Princesses ( little mermaid is her favourite) so we decided to get some of the classic Rubies range. They was pretty light wearing which we wanted so when she fell asleep in them we could whip them off at night. I was pretty shocked for the material to start fraying and ripping after a few wears. Also they the print started to fade and rub off. 

The dresses state sponge clean only which I did then hung up on a hanger to dry off. I've got to say I was mega disappointed with the dresses, so I decided to email head office after all I had paid nearly £30 for two dresses that had only had a few wears out of them.

After speaking to Dave the quality service manager, he agreed to send out some replacements for my daughter who had been upset herself that there was just a white outline  of where the princesses used to be. This morning that frown was turned upside down when she received some gorgeous new dresses in the post.

This is when customer service gets it right and leaves me feeling good again about a brand that my kids have fell in love with. As long as my kids are in dressing up, I will continue to use Rubies. 

Thanks Rubies for the great customer care. 

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