Saturday, 8 March 2014

Operation Fix me Up!

So in 9 days I have an operation looming, since having my daughter nearly three years ago I've been suffering with an umbilical hernia. Since I've not really been able to get my tummy anywhere near flat, even though I've lost over 7 inches it still makes me look like I'm pregnant. I'm hoping with the operation that whatever has popped out and will be fixed back to my abdomen wall will help and ease the pain I've been suffering the last few years.

I'm a bit worried about being put to sleep as its my first time. Also the aftercare and talking it easy, which seems impossible with a 7 and nearly 3 year old.. I don't have many people to help out as everyone works in the day. I've lucky that the school have agreed to pick up little man as we live just at the back of it, then the mother in law is gonna pick him up after school.  So I only have madam to entertain. Hopefully with a tidy bedroom and netflix on hand, I'm going to be able to rest and watch her play. I'm looking forward to be able to do normal things again, like exercise one of my goals is to join a Zumba class on the evening, plus start taking the kids swimming on the weekend again. then i can finally get back on track to losing my two final dress sizes. 

Trying to keep positive & look at on-wards and upwards!

Have anyone else had an operation and had your little ones to deal with after?

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