Wednesday, 26 March 2014

Job Of Mum & My Perfect Mothers Day

I think myself I'm an easy person to buy for I love flowers, candles, chocolate & nail polish. I think I'm pretty easy to please, looking around at all the fantastic wish lists and gift guides around for Mother's Day is lovely seeing what all moms would like as there treat. I've had a whole host of beautiful gifts perfume, Teddy's, charms, flowers, spa day & chocolates to name some.

Sometimes its nice to be just appreciated for being a mommy. I get handmade cards from school which I love as it shows there creative side. I remember making my mom all weird stuff out of cereal boxes and pipe cleaners when I was younger.

After seeing this article on prezzybox last week while I was in bed recovering from my operation, made me think that being a mom is pretty amazing. We are all super mums in our own right, always one step ahead of where we need to be. Prezzybox have done there intrepid research &  thought it would be an interesting experiment to actually price up the ‘job of Mum’ and see how many of you would actually apply. Almost £100,000.00 for a year’s work amazing if we could get a quarter of that hey!

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